Our first KAL of 2021

The year began with a shop KAL by Jennifer Steingass. Many of you may be more familiar with her as knit.love.wool on Instagram and Ravelry.

Jennifer has over three dozen sweater patterns in a range of yarn weights. And she is currently offering a KAL discount on her patterns through the end of April. So, if you haven’t knit one of her lovely sweaters or you want to add to your bucket list of knits, now is the time to browse and get a few patterns at a great price.

The Goldwing seems to be a favorite with many at the shop. This pattern features two colors (or three) as you’ll see below and knit from the top down.

I picked a bottom up pattern, Seachange. I have spent many days deciding how long I wanted my sleeves. In the end I decided on bracelet length with no color work on the sleeves.

This year we are doing our KAL’s differently. There will be no end dates. Something you want to participate in? Start anytime and finish when you finish. There is always help available to you at the shop regardless of what you are knitting or what you are knitting it with. Our goal is community, sharing what we love, and encouraging each other along the way.

And remember…it’s only yarn and it’s always just one stitch at a time. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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