Welcome to our shop.

I’m Teresa, and the dream for this shop started long before I even realized. As a little girl I remember sitting in my grandmother’s closet/craft room playing in her buttons with my sister. I can still feel the buttons dripping through my fingertips and the sound they made as they fell back into their little drawers. All her cardboard tubes that my grandfather had cut down to fit perfectly on her shelves lined with all the colors of yarn for her crochet. Gram had anything you could imagine in that little closet ~ from google eyes, tiny pompoms, rick rack that was miles long to all the fabric I thought the world could make. It was heaven to be there. Gram never met a craft she didn’t like and she always had time to help you make something. Her house…was the best house to be in.

When I was in elementary school my mom took a knitting class and that was it for her. She quickly became the gal that stayed up too late and always had one more row to go. Being the youngest by several years it was usually just my mother and I in the house and man did I talk her ear off. Never letting her count and absolutely no interest in knitting (or crochet for that matter). Gram had taught me crochet countless times and still all I can manage is the chain stitch, although in my mind I dream of becoming a crochet genius!

Fast forward to my girls becoming old enough to tape and glue…Our unfinished basement quickly became a craft headquarters for them and all their pals. The joke was that if you left our house without glitter on your clothes, you didn’t stay long enough. The ping in my heart never left. And then one day after several urgings from my mom, I signed up to learn knitting at the local library. I cast on and starting knitting like I had done it before. Apparently, sitting next to my mom all those years chatting away paid off. I quickly learned to knit and began to teach all my friends that had an interest. In fact, a few minutes after arriving home from my first lesson I was teaching both Eva and Olivia then 7 and 5 years old (cause that’s exactly what you want to do when you just learn something new…lol).

Talk of this shop has been going on for years. When I lost my dear mom, constant encourager and friend in January 2019, my husband and I decided it was time to make all my talk and dream a reality. And what was once a favorite activity at my gram’s and a love I shared with my mom these last 8 years has become a reality. I desire and hope that you find our shop a place to come and find encouragement and friendships. If there is a class or a product you think would enhance your experience with us, let’s chat about it and see if it’s a good fit.

A Tangle of Yarn’s goal is to create a place where making pretty things with string isn’t a solitary activity but something to do with others. So, let’s put our phones down, stop the binge watching and get in the shop and make a connection…face to face.