Boho Style Mosaic Shawl

The Boho Style Mosaic Shawl by Irene Lin was fun to knit. Once I got past the stockinette section and in to the mosaic pattern, it went quickly. Stockinette can feel like forever when you are waiting to get to the exciting and colorful part of any project. I will definitely be making another one as my Olivia has gleefully taken this one for herself.

Unlike Fair isle where you carry the floats to create the pattern, mosaic uses one color at a time. The pattern is made by slipping some stitches and knitting the other stitches. Mosaic patterns are a great beginner project. Perfect for anyone who has never tried color work because they were intimated by the changing of colors.

This was Mary’s first color work project. She ran out of a color at the end of the project and decided to use what she had left from one of the other balls.

The caramel color Mary used as her pop of color in her I-cord bind off is lovely. Patterns are suggestions. Make what you like ~ how you like!

We used Cumbria from the Fibre Co, and Blue Sky’s Woolstok yarn for our shawls. They give this project a rustic look and reflect the pattern well. It’s nice to have so many colors to chose from as I will be making another ~ Olivia has gleefully taken mine for herself.

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