wool applique’ kits

IMG_6080How cute is this watermelon slice? My friend Pam made this for the shop. (Yarn is not the only thing we sell.) These wool appliqué kits are from a mother and daughter owned company in Minnesota. They contain the fabric, buttons or beads, and background to create one of several kits we have. You will need some basic supplies that all you quilters and crafters may already have on hand…hiding behind your yarn stashes.

IMG_6085IMG_6095They fit perfectly on a charger. Pam glued magnets to hers so she can easily display it with out having to glue the appliqué to the plate. You could also sew them onto another fabric and make a pillow cover or wall hanging.

IMG_6096Just a little something different to try. The shop currently has summer themed kits and if there is more interest we can look at getting fall and winter kits.


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