a fine companion

There is a wonderful app called the Knit Companion. A fellow knitter shared this valuable tool with me last fall and it’s a game changer. This is a free app with a $20 (if I recall correctly) upgrade yearly. Well worth the price. You can keep track of any knitting, crochet, beading, weaving or cross-stitch patterns, no matter how complex.


The link I attached above is the main website page, and it contains terrific tutorials. I would recommend watching the tutorials so you can use the app to its full potential.  You can write on your pattern, crop it, color code it, set up a chart, have it count your stitches, and it will download your patterns from Ravelry, Dropbox, or a folder on your device. After your pattern is on the app, you can use it offline. And a feature I just read about and have not yet used is the voice command capability.

The free version of the app is useful when you just need basic helps. It will track your row, your stitch in that row, there is a counter and it will save your progress all in the free version.

The only negative I have found with this app as there is no login, so it does not work across devices. If I’m only going to have my phone then I just look and mark where I am in my pattern // where I only have the free version loaded.

Knit Companionis a wonderful tool and absolutely worth trying out.

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