welcome back, Friends!

IMG_4325How is everyone? We have done all right at our house. You do the best you can with what you have. Right? As a homeschooling family, not much changed for our girls other than activities that ended. Olivia was able to stay with the riding lessons that she does at a private facility, and that kept her happy. And thank You, Lord, Mike has been able to continue working.

There have been some times of learning and relaxing. Maybe you learned a new skill or baked bread, recharged and reevaluated, or just tried to hang on for dear life. Some days can be good, and some days can be plain awful. I know that it is a difficult time for everyone. No one gets a free pass this time. But we can tend to be in our bubbles and forget that each person has their struggles. There has been sickness and death, all while separated from the ones we get comfort. Fear and anxiety creep around and pokes at us when we least expect it. People have lost their jobs; some will have businesses they feel are more trouble than they are worth and others that will never recover. I hope we can have grace for one another and remember it is not just about us ~ not to judge or shame anyone based on their choices. We all have the same basic need to be loved, heard, accepted, and made to feel like our life matters.

Your life matters to me.

I will open the shop back up on Wednesday. It feels weird to open and feels weird to be closed. We have socially distanced the chairs in the shop. The great thing about that huge table and the open space we have always tried to keep is it made it easy for us to make space. So you can still shop, sit, have a coffee, and enjoy the space.

Community, we still need it even at 6 feet apart.IMG_5955-1I realize that many of you may not feel comfortable being out and about town. Shop hours have shortened to allow those who are needing to hang back a bit to do just that. You can call, email, or DM me on Instagram, and I will meet you at the shop for a one on one. You can also use those closed morning hours to have space for you and a friend. You can have the shop in the morning to yourselves to connect, knit or crochet before I open for the day.

Looking forward to seeing your faces and your completed projects!! You have been the best support. Thank you for showing me how this crisis couldn’t destroy the community you have all helped to create at a tangle of yarn.

You are friends, all of you!

2 thoughts on “welcome back, Friends!

  1. What a beautifully written post! Thinking of you today, and looking forward to seeing everyone again from a distance.


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