We have a blog…


We have a blog! It has been something I have been working on with a close friend. We were both in agreement that we shouldn’t start one if we couldn’t maintain it. I feel disappointed when I go to a favorite website and see they have a blog and discover only a few posts; then, it’s crickets for the foreseeable future. And as I’m not much for newsletters (as you know), a blog seemed to make the most sense for this shop.

Nothing has to be saved in your emails because you can just come here to the blog and find inspiration or something you heard us talking about in a class or during a yarn social. Whatever it is, we will try and make it available to you here. We will try to be thoughtful in how we write and tag posts. We don’t want you filtering through a long blog post only to find a tiny mention of what you were seeking.

Please leave comments and participate in the posts you see here. How we think about community has taken on a new spin. We still need a space where we feel we matter. A space where we can continue to find ways to encourage, inspire, and stay connected. This is a work in progress and some tweaks will be made here and there. The main goal is to provide a bit of fun and keep this community you have all helped to create going.




6 thoughts on “We have a blog…

  1. You made 6,875 stitches correctly, but let’s concentrate on that one stitch you skipped! 😂😂
    Saw that and thought of you sister!


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