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Olivia’s socks

Last week I took a toe-up sock knitting class at my local yarn shop, again. It was two years ago when I took the class the first time. The instructor taught me two at a time toe-up then and I loved it. It will put to rest the second sock syndrome I hear so much about. (you knit one sock and then start another with a new yarn, never to finish the pair) That was two years ago and I’ve forgotten the cast on part. I could watch a video online and refresh, but I like the interaction you get from a class. The owner, Beth, teaches all the classes and she is so much fun. She makes you feel brilliant and reminds you that knitting is only knitting. We aren’t saving lives. Its yarn.


Speaking of yarn. This is Sweet Georgia, Tough Love Sock. Lakeshore Drive is the name of the color. The sock mini is a fun pop of color by Hedgehog Fibers, Envy. I am loving this yarn! The sock feels so soft and the pop of neon is a fun addition. I still get excited about how a string and a couple of sticks can make something you can wear!


They will be ankle length and are coming along fast but I am knitting three other projects right now. I need to get a wiggle on because Olivia is circling the wagons on these.


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