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because it’s pretty

I love Jane Austen books. Love! And wouldn’t you know there are Jane Austen inspired knitting books? See how your world of knitting and reading just expanded? You’re welcome.


Not that I wear this period’s fashions but the shawls in this book are so lovely. The author  has snippets written of what life was like during Austen’s time. A bit of history about the fashion to be knit tucked between patterns. It is a sweet book. There are several designs that I plan to knit.


Margaret Dashwood’s Shawl. I had yet to knit anything from this book so I chose something simple. I purchased some inexpensive yarn from the craft store ~ a whopping $2.99 plus a 40% off coupon! Yep. This little gem was almost free to knit if you consider how much I have left on the 678 yards skein. This yarn…so incredibly soft. Washable. Perfect for this project. I’ll hand wash this like any other hand knit. I did put some effort into it and I like it to last as long as possible.


A bit of blocking may be a nice idea, but Olivia does show this well. I like how it drapes around her shoulders. She won’t wear it though. Says it’s an old lady scarf. Awesome.


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