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I was out looking in the back yard and was surprised to see tomatoes growing from our (1) plant. I had given up on our little tomato even though it was growing. There are no signs of withering but there have not been any blooms either. Zilch. We purchased it late, and it has given us one tomato ~ back in June after we brought it home. The garlic chive from last year is just starting to bloom as well. I figured the season was over for these two plants and we would have to continue to take hand-outs of tomatoes from our neighbors. Apparently, we are the only ones that grow garlic chives…and we don’t having anyone knocking down our door for them.

Our raspberries are about to produce again. We have a pair of two-season producing bushes and we love to pick some berries every morning. Blackberries are doing awesome but I think those are fall plants? I’m not surprised by these plants doing so well in mid August.

We did not plant much this summer. First in many that we don’t have pumpkin vines winding and stretching to grab the grass beneath, neither is there a multitude of flowers scattered around in pots, or the three different types of tomatoes we like to eat. I miss the pumpkins and we will plant them next year. I do not miss the tomato varieties or all the flowers. I don’t feel one bit the botanical Scrooge either. I’m what you would call a ‘terrible and forgetful plant waterer’. We had a very dry summer.* When I say dry ~ I don’t just mean lack of rain. We had a strange summer of consistently low humidity which is unheard of in our state. Anything we have growing in our yard is by grace, including the thriving rose bush.


Lack of rain and humidity has stressed the trees. This is what we saw driving home from the grocer. Drastic color change happening here. Yikes!

*(Still can’t figure out why no one is taking about the fact that it has been less than 50% humidity most of this summer.) Maybe they are too focused on how dead their grass and plants are. No amount of watering seems to have helped most of the landscape around town.


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