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no apples tree

This is a very sad tree indeed. When spring arrived, this little gem was full of buds. One afternoon I was looking at it, checking to see when the buds would open and the very next day…every single bud had died. The very next day! Now, I know this apple tree was old. But to die like that the next day? I was baffled and sad.

IMG_3326I took the above picture after a rain storm the other day, feeling the gloomy sky portrayed perfectly our dismal fruit tree

My husband would very much like to cut this huge stick down. I told him if he waits a month or so all the trees in the neighborhood will look like this. Where am I to put my bird feeders if he cuts it down? I am impatient and can’t stand the thought of waiting for a new tree to grow. I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing the hummingbirds and all the little chick a dee’s flitting about. I have cardinals and gold finches, blue jays and red breasted gross beaks not to mention all the little sparrows and house wrens. One year I had and indigo bunting come to my tree twice and the next year I had a cedar waxwing. There will be other birds that I am sure I’ll remember later…red bellied woodpecker, nuthatch, downy woodpecker. Sigh.

This is what the tree looked like last summer…


It’s hideous in the current state and makes me laugh at how incredibly ugly it is. Which is why I have a pretty little wind chime hanging in it. Lipstick on a pig, as they say. We will look for a good size tree over the next few weeks as most garden centers are having sales. Something will fit the bill, I’m sure.


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