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war and peace ~ the book


I saw on Instagram back in July that a gal was organizing a read along for War and Peace. The read along began August 1st. And she had the reading broken down into manageable parts. I had a copy and thought I would give it a go…I’m on page 12 and I am not participating in the Instagram posts. Yet.


I love old books. This is a copy I was given as a gift from my parents. The jacket is torn but the book itself is in wonderful condition. There is no printing date listed inside, only that its was published by Random House and was part of their The Modern Library collection. The back cover has Thomas A. Kempis written down, guess the previous owner wanted to continue with the challenging reading material.

I am finding the characters hard to keep track of. I know I’m not very far into it ~ they will probably stand out as I read more? Many are referred to with more than one name…I may have to look and see if there is a character cheat online. There should be, everything else is online.

I will continue on at a snails pace. It is not intended to be a fast read. I love an old classic tale and I enjoy some Russian literature on occasion. This may in fact turn out to be the best read for the cooler season ahead.



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