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ashburn shawl

When my mom visits we like to take her to our local yarn shop. The ladies are friendly and knowledgeable. Their shop is loaded down with beautiful yarns in every price range and it is the one store were we can touch whatever we want without getting the stink eye from the clerks. It was there that I saw this beautiful, bright, soft and squishy yarn. I had no idea what I would do with it. I rarely wear bright colors but I love them. My mom saw my dilemma and treated me to a skein.

This fun and colorful orange and pink yarn is from Knit One Crochet Too, kettle tweed, super fine – color 4316 Poppy.

I went round and round with different yarns and patterns looking for the perfect project to go with this bold fiber. And then, one day I went back into the yarn shop, found the perfect project and new yarn to coordinate.

Funny how one yarn leads to another and another…

The pattern I chose was the Ashburn Shawl by Melanie Berg, Mairlynd on Ravelry. She creates the most beautiful knitwear designs with color combinations I would never think to put together and they are all lovely. I’m the person that points to the mannequin and says, I’ll take that please…

The pattern was easy to memorize and each color had its own texture. I loved that attribute and it was a thrill to knit. I was sad when it was finished. There will definately be more Ashburn Shawl projects in my future.

With the weather cooling down I am able to wear it more and with my favorite orange ankle pants.

Olivia makes a great model. The gray yarns are Filatura di crosa, Zarina Melange – merino extra fine, color 1914 (lighter gray) and color 1468 (darker gray).



2 thoughts on “ashburn shawl

  1. Teresa, you really have a gift. This project is beautiful, and just think how much your girls are learning. So glad to see your posts today, and your updated blog design looks terrific.


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