banana split & pineapple treat

We had a bbq while at Mom’s. The weather was gorgeous and we dined outside. It was nice to have everyone under one roof, especially for mom. All her little chicks in the nest. My sister in law, made a dessert that, if I’m honest I was afraid to try. I’m not big on pineapple in anything. I’m glad I was brave because this creamy dessert tasted like ice cream! 

My husband has been wanting me to make this since we got home and today I had the perfect excuse. A friend text me that she was stopping over this evening and the girls both have friends staying over. 

 The ingredients are simple and so is the assembling. Lorie told me a couple of times how to put this delight together but I’ve forgotten* ~ so I winged it.

No bake cheese cake mix, chocolate syrup, a jar of maraschino cherries, crushed pineapple, whipped topping, a banana and {2} butterfinger candy bars.

 Make the cheesecake crust according to instructions. I used a square baking dish because a pie dish is too shallow and this dessert can stack high.

When I made the cheesecake filling I didn’t quite use the full amount of milk. We use skim here and I wondered if it would set properly. I added in the banana and the pineapple to the cheesecake filling. I also strained the pineapple, I was afraid it would be too much liquid as it was.

I poured half the filling over the crust and sprinkled it with a whole butterfinger. The rest of the filling goes in and then the second butterfinger. I think you’ll agree that you really do need two bars! Olivia reminded me that Aunt Lorie had put the candy bar in the freezer for a bit to make the smashing less messy. Good tip!

Top all that goodness with the whipped topping, chocolate syrup and cherries. 

I have no idea if the banana turns as this dessert has yet to last long enough to find out. If this does make it until morning I think it would be acceptable to have a slice with your coffee. 

*Of course when I was done making this dessert I realized my sister in law was home from work.  Like I said at the beginning, I forgot the assembly order but they are simple ingredients and which ever order you decide to put this dessert together would be fine.



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