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it’s a wrap

When we were at my mom’s over the weekend she asked me to finish this wrap. {Arthritis has made knitting a bit of a challenge and she wanted to wear it this fall} I am not sure about the yarn* yet as the labels have long fallen off and the additional skeins are buried in the stash we brought home ~ I can tell you this: the yarn is soft and squishy. When this wrap is finished it will be very soft and snuggly!

You’d think this an easy task. Knit a few rows, and then knit and purl two rows. Simple. But I had to complicate it for myself. I started knitting while we were there. While there we 17 of us at Mom’s, I knit and I talked. I set the wrap down and picked it up. Fiddled and knit. Fiddled and talked. Which led to this…

I had dropped a stitch quite a way down and decided to wait until I got home to fix it. I do know my limitations. No point in knitting with all of us together those two days and add to that the going from my sister’s to my mom’s. The knitting would only get muddled again. So I secured it with all manner of knitting notions and tucked it away. {I can chew gum while I walk, though}


Now home and with all the stitches back where they need to be, I get distracted, again…by the needles. I need a bit more room to hold all these stitches. The weight of the growing wrap combined with the length of the circular needles has me constantly shifting and adjusting the project. I am grateful for a knitting shop close to our home that always has the needles I love.

I don’t know if you can tell the mistake in this picture. The lighting is quite bad and I took the photo with my phone… When I started to switch the needles over I noticed that there was a difference in the feel of what I had knit compared to my mom’s knitting. Oddly, my mother and I have the same stitch retention ~ you can not see where one of us begins and the other takes over. It wasn’t the stitch tension. It was the weight of them. I had been knitting the two colors together. I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I was wrong, it was knit one color a few rows, switch colors and knit and purl two rows.

I had to rip…a lot…several…rows…

Here is where the mistake began…

Sometimes a project is so simple I think I know what to do. To be fair my head was still spinning from all the yarn my mom had just bestowed upon me. Mom was cringing from all the yarn she had just bestowed upon me. When I asked, are you knitting these two yarns together?…she quickly said yes. I didn’t look, I knit. Eva sat on the couch with one color, and I with the other and we wound and wound all the while listening to the neighbors get a tree trimmed with the windows opened wide and no one able to hear my WHOA, that is a lot of rows to undo!

The needles are to my liking.

The stitches are all in place.

The pattern is being followed correctly.

The morning sun is shining brightly.

I can begin and not be distracted…for now.

*as soon as I dig up the other skeins, I’ll post what the yarn is


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